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Company Profile

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Guangzhou KAY-EE Membrane Keyboard Switch Co., Ltd. was founded in June 10, 1996, is a professional production of membrane switch, FPC/PCB assembly, capacitive touch switch and other emerging technology products manufacturers.
Since the establishment of the company, engaged in the production of membrane switch has been more than 20 years, with rich experience and excellent technical ability and broad thinking and innovation, we can optimize and integrate the traditional membrane switch, FPC, PCB, electronic components, touch panel, silicone keypad, metal module, injection molding, EL, light guide film etc. through precise engineering design standards to meet your business needs and aspirations, and continuously provide high quality, high-end composite membrane switches to you.
We mainly use the design software (AutoCAD, CDR, CAM350, Proe, etc.), the team is equipped with senior engineers, intermediate engineers and professional technical personnel and so on. The average design and R & D experience of the personnel has reached more than 10 years, which can fully cooperate with customers and provide win-win product and one-stop design service program for customers. We will be committed to high precision, high quality product manufacturing, and continue to introduce the latest technology and equipment, to the automation, intelligent production forward
After years of development, the company now has a factory area of more than 10000 square meters, The number of employees is 500 ,of which more than 3000 square meters are in accordance with the one hundred thousand clean dust-free printing workshop standard construction.
Through the joint efforts and hard work from the management level to the grass-roots staff, the company's monthly capacity has reached 1 million 200 thousand to 1 million 500 thousand sets, the main product structure is:
Name plate、Flat type without tactile effect、Embossed key type with tactile effect、Embossed key type with metal dome type、 LED type membrane switch、silicon rubber membrane keypad、FPC membrane switch、capactive membrane switch、Duraswitch type membrane switch 、PCB soldering membrane switch、LGF membrane switch and so on.
The production of the main product categories: industrial control, household appliances, medical equipment, automotive electronics, instrumentation, finance, electronic communications, fitness, sanitary and other products, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and other countries, we are favored by the customers.
Kay-EE people know that quality is the life of enterprises, only high-quality products can win the trust of customers, in order to win the opportunity of continuous development in the fierce market competition.
We will continue the spirit of people-oriented, continuous improvement and expansion of the business philosophy, to tackle tough, continuous improvement, committed to global customers to provide high-quality products of membrane switch.
TEL:+86 020-81406388、
+86 020-81406638
FAX:+86 020-81407830
ADD:Building E, Electronic Digital Base, No. 9 Huaxi Road, Fangcun, Liwan District, Guangzhou